Gabbard Won’t Make Third Debate, Still Running for President


The 2020 hopeful’s precise statements regarding a potential drop-out read as follows:

“I started hearing from a lot of people in the media when they said, ‘OK, you didn’t make the third debate. Are you quitting?’ Hell, no! Hell, no! If any of them had been listening to what I’ve been saying about what this movement is about, about why I’m running for president, and what is at stake, they would understand why we are here and why we will never quit!”

Attendees at the Atlanta town hall responded to Gabbard’s remarks with notable cheers and applause.

More on Tulsi 2020 and the Third Debate Requirements

Gabbard and other Democrats who won’t make the third debate stage have censured the DNC. They’ve also requested that the DNC modify the rules to make the debate; although, the DNC has provided zero indication that they will do any such thing.

Towards the end of last month, Gabbard stated that the timing of poll releases could adversely impact candidates’ ability to meet applicable thresholds.