Geopolitical Chess: Kim Jong Un Threatens US and Tests Advanced Missile


In a recent escalation of geopolitical tensions, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un performed a test of the Hwasong-18 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The missile is North Korea’s most advanced weapon to date.

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According to the official Korean Central News Agency aka KCNA, Kim claimed that the test demonstrated how North Korea could respond if the United States were to make “a wrong decision against it.” 

Kim threatened the US by claiming “never overlook all the reckless and irresponsible military threats of the enemies … and to strongly counter them with more offensive actions.”

The warning was issued after the dictator called the missile test a success.

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The Hwasong-18 ICBM

The Hwasong-18 ICBM marks a significant advancement in North Korea’s missile capabilities. As a developmental, solid-fueled ICBM, it is considered the country’s most powerful weapon.