Georgia Begins the Work to Ensure Election Integrity


When sizeable parts of the public believe that their votes do not count, this is bad news. The reality, though, is that this is where many conservatives are. The 2020 presidential election engendered massive claims of fraud, reports of irregularities, and even to this day, there are numerous Republicans who view Joe Biden as an illegitimate president.

Many people have pointed to widespread, unsolicited mailing out of absentee ballots as an issue. Some people reportedly received multiple ballots, whereas others received ballots with the wrong name or missing boxes.

Conservatives and Republicans, following the many controversies surrounding the 2020 presidential election, have stated that the need to ensure election security is paramount.

This week, the Georgia Senate formally voted on and passed legislation that requires individuals seeking to vote via absentee ballot to present a photo ID.

Restoring U.S. election integrity

Georgia Sen. Larry Walker, the vice-chair of the Majority Caucus, is the sponsor behind the legislation. Walker and the other Republicans who voted for his bill believe that photo ID mandates for absentee ballots will safeguard election integrity. In a public statement, the Georgia Republican declared that this mandate will see to it that Georgians are confident in the voting process.