Georgia to Conduct Full Recount of Votes by Hand


In order to weed out the possibilities of fraud and irregularities, Raffensperger went into further details about Georgia’s risk-limiting audit. Put simply, the audit is “mathematically designed to catch anomalies” that would materialize from purposeful fraud, machine glitches, and other errors.

This by-hand vote recount will take place in all 159 counties that comprise Georgia. Raffensperger reiterated that this risk-limiting audit should instill everyone’s confidence in the integrity of the Peach State’s election; per the Georgia secretary of state, the risk-limiting audit is “an audit, a recount, and a recanvass all at once.”

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Georgia’s decision to recount each and every vote by hand also comes after input from Georgia Sen. Doug Collins. Collins, who previously ran against Loeffler (R) and Warnock (D) in one of the state’s Senate races, is now leading the Trump re-election team’s recount group.

Counting every legal vote

Earlier this week, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican, stated on his social media accounts that the state will ensure that every legal vote is counted. Kemp’s statement on this matter comes as Republicans rally behind President Trump’s fight for an honest election.