Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Issues New Guidelines in Wake of COVID-19


The spread and ongoing presence of COVID-19 are prompting various state officials to take significant actions. In the fight to stop coronavirus, some mayors and governors are issuing restrictions, some of which include all-out lockdowns of entire cities or states. However, not all measures are this extreme.

Earlier tonight, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp updated state residents about additional measures and mandates in the wake of coronavirus. Supporters of mass shutdowns have criticized Kemp for not issuing a lockdown of Georgia; however, the governor has stated that he doesn’t yet plan to shut down the entire state.

A Closer Look at Kemp’s Latest Provisions

In order to flatten the curve and halt coronavirus’ spread, the Georgia governor has taken a series of actions. These actions involve the prohibition of gatherings that surpass ten people and a shutdown of the state’s bars and nightclubs until April 6.

Moreover, Kemp’s provisions include orders for individuals who are “medically fragile” or most vulnerable to COVID-19 to self-quarantine. Families who rely upon SNAP benefits will also receive an extra $100 in benefits.

The Georgia governor is now setting up testing sites in various cities across the state. Individuals who wish to get COVID-19 tests must first receive a doctor’s referral; to ease the process of testing, Kemp has also permitted licensing for doctors outside of Georgia and explained that the state will get a second shipment of personal protection equipment within the next five days.

Kemp on Fighting COVID-19 and Protecting Businesses

Thus far, the Georgia governor has shown a willingness to take on coronavirus without throwing countless businesses under the bus by mandating state-wide closures. This contrasts from other governors in different states and, as previously stated, has caused Kemp to take some heat.

However, many Georgians who wish to remain in business and avoid compulsory orders to close their doors are grateful. Like various other Republicans fighting COVID-19, Kemp understands that the economy matters and plays a role in appropriate measures to fight the virus.

In a nutshell, destroying the economy in the fight against coronavirus is not the way to go about saving lives.