Georgia Governor, Atlanta Mayor Clash on Crime, Mask Mandates


GOP and Democrat leaders are finding themselves more and more at odds, especially as of late. Right now, Republicans and Democrats maintain vastly different notions about the leadership styles and policies that are appropriate.

This is more than apparent when you compare states like Florida and Texas vs. California and New York. Likewise, South Dakota and Michigan couldn’t be more different.

There are a lot of problems that America is facing at this time. Inflation is an issue; soaring crime rates and a ruined southern border remain deeply problematic as well.

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Earlier this week, Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp clashed with the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Bottoms; the conflict pertained to various views on COVID mandates and crime rates.

Kemp vs. Bottoms: the latest edition

Not too long ago, Governor Kemp issued an order that local governments in Georgia may not impose COVID mandates onto businesses. This includes vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and limits on capacity. This order caused Mayor Bottoms to lash out at Kemp on Twitter, sarcastically branding the Georgia governor as a “gift that keeps on giving.”

When Governor Kemp spoke with Breitbart News on Monday, he also responded to the Atlanta mayor. Kemp called out Bottoms for prioritizing mask mandates over the rising murders and other crimes happening in her city. The Georgia governor furthermore noted that law enforcement officers aren’t even upholding Bottoms’ citywide mask order.

What is the solution?

Thus far, the Atlanta mayor has yet to present a solution to handling the crime in her city. In fact, Bottoms has not made any mention of this; instead, her focus remains directly on imposing more COVID mandates.

Meanwhile, reports continue to allege that Atlanta police officers face slaps on the wrist when they try to stop crime. Many Americans — in and out of Georgia — are of the view that Mayor Bottoms should handle the soaring lawlessness in her community before kicking up a fuss about face masks.

However, Bottoms’ brand of leadership is par for the course in leftist communities with Democrat leaders. Amid homicides, robberies, rapes, and more on the rise, Bottoms remains steadfastly determined to see her mask mandates happen.