Georgia Moves to Ban Vaccine Passports


Vaccine passports remain an increasingly hot topic in the United States.

In yet another subsection of coronavirus politics, vaccine passports are yet another matter that divide the left and the right.

Americans with leftist leanings are more likely to favor vaccine passports and other requirements that mandate people show proof of vaccination; meanwhile, right-leaning Americans have a stronger probability of recognizing the privacy problems posed by vaccine passports.

Many conservatives also take issue with Americans being forced to demonstrate vaccination proof just to engage in society.

Several states such as Florida, Iowa, Texas, etc., have taken actions to prohibit or ban vaccine passports. This week, Georgia joined the list of states to move against vaccine passport programs.

Georgia’s ban against vaccine passports

On Tuesday, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia signed an executive order barring the state’s government from requiring vaccine passports.

Kemp declared that vaccination against COVID-19 is a personal matter; the Georgia governor also noted that while he remains supportive of getting vaccinated against coronavirus, the government should not have the power to dictate this.