Senate Voting on $10 Billon Bailout For Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin


Jeff Bezos CEO of Washington-state-based Blue Origin lost its bid to SpaceX for the moon landing NASA contract. Elon Musk owned SpaceX got the contract. But the Senate is voting next week on whether to order NASA to give Jeff Bezos $10 billion to even the playing field.

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Congress through the Endless Frontier Act is attempting to add funding for science and technology research. Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., added an amendment to the Bill. And it will hand over $10 billion to Blue Origin. And it’s no coincidence that Bezo’s Blue Origin is headquartered in Cantwell’s home state.

Bernie Sanders not a fan

Prior to the amendment, the bill has enjoyed bipartisan support. Senate Democratic leaders say they may get a vote for final passage this week. Then the legislation would be sent to the House of Representatives.

Cantwell proposes that SpaceX would still get the contract. But an additional identical contract would be awarded to Bezos’s company. A third bidder for the moonshot, Dynetics, is “written out” of the amendment.