Georgia Police Officer: “We Only Shoot Black People.”


However, despite the aforementioned inevitabilities, one truth remains absolute. There is clearly a hidden agenda: a group of people, likely operating behind the scenes, want to see Americans fighting in the streets. This is blatantly apparent. AntiFa and Black Lives Matter are funded by either liberal billionaire George Soros or people like him. Not too long ago, someone published a Craigslist ad offering $25 per hour for protesters. That speaks for itself.

At The End Of The Day

Greg Abbott’s comments were wrong. Everyone is aware of this. However, anyone who takes to the streets to riot or cause a commotion over insensitive comments that happened a year ago is absurd. Since the release of the dash camera video, Abbott was demoted to administrative duty.

Additionally, Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register informed the public that Abbott’s remarks, and the situation, are being thoroughly investigated:

We’re not making excuses. We’re meeting this head-on and we’re going to deal with it.