Is it REALLY American Made? How do you know?

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What is your view on American Made?   Should we just stop manufacturing since China can make everything for us cheaper?

We want to know what Americans think, even if your elected officials don’t!

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What Is American Made Certified?

American Made Certified Organization, (@AMCo) is a Non-Profit 3rd party certification organization that is passionate about helping consumers gain the confidence that a company which puts an American Flag on their product has been Registered, Verified, and Certified as an American Made Product.  Certification without prejudice or persuasion. Truth and Transparency in American Made Manufacturing.

Manufacturers and Companies apply with supporting documentation, our staff members verify and assure that the parts, the source, and documents supporting the products are American Made. Giving consumer confidence that when they see an American Made Flag on a product that it IS American Made, supporting the US economy.

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American Made Certified
American Made Certified Organization, (AMCo) is a Non-Profit 3rd party certifier in support of truth and transparency in American Manufacturing for all: Consumers and Factories. AMCo Board of Directors and Advisors who have been in the industry supporting American Made organizations for decades. We created a Not for Profit Certification system to give the consumer confidence that a product is what it says it is. Mission: To create the confidence in the American consumer that when they see an American Made Certified Emblem on a product, good or service, they will know that it has gone through a process of verification without prejudice or persuasion. Vision: To build, foster, and develop the interest in supporting American Manufacturers for the betterment of our countries economic future. To support legislation for the requirement of Certification for products using the American Flag in its packaging and claiming as its origin. Take the American Made Survey: