The Mounting Disconnect Between American Employers and Workers


The general idea in America is that available jobs engender work for unemployed people. However, this is not always the case.

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Employers, Jobs, and Employees

First and foremost, there are currently six million available work positions in America, as reported by NPR. While available jobs are paramount to a thriving economy, finding the right workers to occupy these positions is another issue altogether. Contrary to popular belief, employers’ struggle to find workers is not merely due to skills, or lack thereof. The more prevalent factor lies with employers, wages, and requirements for the positions.

University professor, Peter Cappelli gave the following statement:

They’re just asking for the moon, and not expecting to pay very much for it. And as a result they [can’t] find those people. Now that [doesn’t] mean there was nobody to do the job; it just [means] that there was nobody at the price they were willing to pay.

The Freelancer Factor

Another element impacting the economy is the freelance market. More and more Americans are opting out of traditional 9 to 5, employee jobs and choosing to venture into business for themselves, as stated by The Next Web.