Georgia Sued By Justice Department Over Election Security Legislation


Earlier this year, the state of Georgia passed election security legislation known as S.B. 202. In this bill, Georgia bars unrequested absentee ballot mail-outs, upholds voter ID laws, and otherwise takes measures to protect the security of elections.

From the moment S.B. 202 came into inception, the Democrats called it racist. Democrats alleged that election security legislation is rooted in lies and the Jim Crow era. This follows the left’s well-established pattern of professing that voter ID requirements are anti-people of color and inherently racist.

On Friday, the Justice Department formally launched a lawsuit against Georgia, over the state’s S.B. 202.

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The motives behind the lawsuit

Merrick Garland, the current attorney general of the United States, explained during a press conference why the Justice Department is suing Georgia. Garland falsely declared that Georgia’s election security bill targets and threatens the voting rights of black people in the Peach State.

The attorney general’s remarks directly parallel leftist claims about all election security bills across the nation. It is also worth noting that the Justice Department’s lawsuit comes days after Senate Democrats’ unsuccessful attempt to force For the People Act through Congress.

For the People Act is far from the fair, clean elections bill that Democrats are making it out to be. This leftist-backed bill would bar states from upholding voter ID laws or removing inactive voters from their voter rolls.

For the People Act furthermore has components that transfer taxpayer dollars into leftist political campaigns; this comes on top of provisions that bar the prosecution of illegal immigrants who unlawfully vote in elections.

Remarks from the Georgia governor

Brian Kemp, the Republican governor of Georgia, publicly responded to the Justice Department’s lawsuit on Friday.

Kemp stated that the legal suit is grounded in disinformation and dishonesty from the Democrat Party. The Georgia governor furthermore noted the timing of the lawsuit coming after congressional Republicans blocked For the People Act from passing through the Senate.

Finally, Kemp noted that this isn’t his first time going against the Justice Department in the name of election security. The Republican governor of Georgia also made clear that he is ready to do so again and come out on the other side victorious.