Ex-Nissan CEO Ghosn writes tell-all book, accomplices’ bail denied


Nada and Saikawa both reject the charges of the insider plot to remove Ghosn. When Saikawa was asked for a comment he said, “there was no effort to remove Renault’s influence” by removing Ghosn.

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Father and son who aided Ghosn escape remain in jail

It is alleged that Michael Taylor and his son were paid over a million dollars by Ghosn and his son to engineer Ghosn’s escape while Ghosn was out on bail.

Reports of the international cloak-and-dagger escape to Lebanon contend that Ghosn was flown out of Japan hidden on a plane in a large black box.

U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani in Massachusetts ruled on Friday that the ex-Green Beret and his son Peter will have to remain in custody outside Boston until the Aug. 28 extradition hearing.

The Taylors were jailed in May. They have had three hearings trying to obtain bail, arguing that they have a good chance of winning their extradition case. And claiming they will not flee the jurisdiction. This is the third time that bail has been rejected.