Glenn Youngkin Officially Elected as Governor of Virginia


The Virginia gubernatorial election of 2021 has gotten branded as a bellwether of what’s to come in the midterm races and others in the future. Vice President Kamala Harris, while campaigning for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, stated what happens in Virginia will set the course for 2022, 2024, and ahead.

This is true, albeit not in the way Harris expected. Despite McAuliffe getting all the leading Democrats in the country to stump for him, he still wasn’t able to pull ahead of Republican Glenn Youngkin in the polls, during the end of the election.

Furthermore, Obama, Harris, Biden, and other leftist big names could not stop Glenn Youngkin from defeating Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race.

Assessing the win of Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin

During the 11th hour of Tuesday, various news outlets began calling the governor’s race for Youngkin. In fact, Decision Desk HQ wound up as one of the first sources to declare Youngkin as the winner.

By the time 1:00 AM on Wednesday rolled around, the election in Virginia was a done deal. Youngkin went on stage; standing before his family, supporters, and campaign workers, Youngkin delivered a victory speech.