Terry McAuliffe Concedes Virginia Governor’s Race to Glenn Youngkin


The Virginia governor’s race came to an end during the wee hours of this morning. Shortly after midnight, numerous news sources announced that Glenn Youngkin, the Republican candidate, successfully managed to bring home a win.

Youngkin’s win came in spite of his Democrat opposition, Terry McAuliffe, pulling out all stops to get himself back the governor’s mansion. It also came in spite of Democrats across the nation rallying behind McAuliffe and urging Virginians to vote for him.

The Virginia Democrat did not immediately concede the election once Youngkin gave his victory speech to supporters. However, after this morning when all outlets called the race for the Republican candidate, McAuliffe officially conceded.

What to know about McAuliffe’s concession

In most cases, candidates who lose elections stand before their supporters and speak. However, this is not how McAuliffe chose to announce his loss.

Instead, the former Virginia governor released a press statement. In this statement, he acknowledged failing to cross the finish line. McAuliffe also declared he won’t ever give up the fight for the values in Virginia that he views as important.