Here are Three Stocks That Could Benefit from Metaverse

Facebook Metaverse - Mark Zuckerberg Meets Its Meta Character
Facebook Metaverse - Mark Zuckerberg Meets Its Meta Character

Facebook has rebranded its company last week to become Meta. The social media giant’s transition to the virtual universe is turning Sci-fi into a reality.

The new concept that Facebook disclosed last week will incorporate augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) with social media. In other words, people can enter a virtual universe using AR and VR using headsets.

Consequently, with the transition into a virtual social media platform, several stocks — that aren’t directly linked with Meta – could benefit from the upgrade to this virtual world.

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For instance, Todd Gordon, founder of Inside Edge Capital Management mentioned the $6 billion company Matterport. The American company specializes in 3D capturing for real estate companies among other industries.

“The margins will be good. It’s a subscription-based model. Half of the revenues this year come from subscriptions with the iOS and the Galaxy app. Management says by 2025 80% of the revenues will come from the subscription,” Gordon said Tuesday.