Opinion: Metaverse is “Technology Slavery” and Zuckerberg Doesn’t Care!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at congressional hearing

Yes, it’s cool. You can do a meeting in a virtual world wearing a headset while enjoying a dazzling view of the online Meta world. At least, that’s what Facebook or Meta is trying to promote. However, behind Silicon Valley’s disruptive technology; comes great harm to this world’s population (probably aliens are affected too by this stupidity).

One of the major harms of social media is how it’s designed. The social media platform hires “social engineers” who are responsible for making us as addicted as possible. From dopamine to getting approval through likes and comments, Facebook’s algorithms are designed to make us crave more.

Why Meta?

Well, Mark Zuckerberg is desperate. A few weeks after Frances Haugen – former Facebook employee turned whistleblower – shared internal reports about shameful Facebook actions; Zuckerberg suddenly pulled out a plan B. Instead of addressing the problems and the harm that the social media giant is doing to people; Zuckerberg is planning to launch an even more harmful technology.

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