Going Back to Work – A Fulltime Nanny or Daycare?


Every parent faces difficult decisions when deciding on childcare options. For those that can afford it hiring a full time nanny is the way to go. There positives and negatives for either option, but overall nanny care trumps daycare for many different reasons. Each parent should look at their own individual situation before deciding, but there are some common considerations that should way into that decision.


No Forced Schedules

When a parent places a child in daycare they should work their schedule to fit the daycares. They need to arrive at a certain time and if they’re running late at night they face extra charges. These aren’t concerns when a family hires a nanny to care for their children.

A nanny comes right to the home of their employee and in many cases, lives there. That means parents don’t have to worry about getting their children up in time, dressed, and out the door. The nanny can take care of getting them out of bed and feeding them their breakfast. There’s no morning rush and a lot less stress.