Going Back to Work – A Fulltime Nanny or Daycare?


Every parent faces difficult decisions when deciding on childcare options. For those that can afford it hiring a full time nanny is the way to go. There positives and negatives for either option, but overall nanny care trumps daycare for many different reasons. Each parent should look at their own individual situation before deciding, but there are some common considerations that should way into that decision.


No Forced Schedules

When a parent places a child in daycare they should work their schedule to fit the daycares. They need to arrive at a certain time and if they’re running late at night they face extra charges. These aren’t concerns when a family hires a nanny to care for their children.

A nanny comes right to the home of their employee and in many cases, lives there. That means parents don’t have to worry about getting their children up in time, dressed, and out the door. The nanny can take care of getting them out of bed and feeding them their breakfast. There’s no morning rush and a lot less stress.


Better Time Management

When a parent doesn’t have to worry about getting the children to daycare before they can get to work the demands on their time are reduced. They can develop a regular schedule without the unpredictability of how cooperative the children will be. This allows for better work life balance and a happier work life and home life.


Focused Care

A nanny can also provide children with more focused care. In most cases daycare centers take on as many children as they’re legally allowed to and individual care can suffer. An argument can be made that they are professionals and better qualified to nurture children, but this isn’t an issue if you use a professional nanny service such as Not Just Babysitters (NJBS). All of their nannies are college educated and fully qualified.  The intense screening system that services like this use ensures that children receive the best individual care.


Greater Intimacy

When it comes to intimacy daycare centers tend to struggle. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good at what they do, but when you’re trying to care for several children at the same time it’s just not possible to give each child the individual attention they need.

A nanny from a service like NJBS offers the same level of professionalism as a good daycare worker and they can provide a child with the intimacy they need. Overtime they can develop a healthy relationship with the child and this can positively influence the child’s development.


Health and Safety

No matter how careful parents are, if they place their child in daycare there’s a good chance they’ll be exposed to various viruses and other illnesses. That just comes with the territory when you place a group of children in a small space together. When a child stays in the home with a nanny there’s less risk of exposure to illness. The nanny can better control any interaction with other children and if they no a playmate is sick they can simply keep them apart.


More Control Over Development

One reason that some parents do choose daycare over a nanny is because they believe a trained professional daycare worker can help them develop better. That may be true if they hire a nanny on their won, but when they use a nanny service like NJBS they get the same level of professionalism and they can have more control over their child’s individual development. These college-educated nannies are very qualified and capable of helping children learn and grow.


Sick Days Aren’t a Problem

For a parent leading a busy life it can be frustrating when a child gets sick. They’re torn between the need to care for their child and the need to work. Leaving them in daycare is not an option because of the risk to the other children, leaving the parent scrambling for other options. If there are no grandparents or other relatives living in the area the parent has to stay home with them.

With a nanny, it’s not an issue when the children come down with the flu. They’re at home with the child anyway and the parents can keep their regular schedule. A problem can arise if it’s the nanny that’s sick, but if parents hire a professional nanny service like NJBS a qualified stand-in can usually be found on short notice.


Better Dietary Controls

Parents can get pretty fussy about what their children eat. If the child’s in daycare they may have some control over what they eat, but the choices are limited. Most professional daycare centers will accommodate parents’ wishes when they can, but they have to consider the welfare of the other children as well.

Parents that hire a nanny don’t have to worry about what their children are eating. They can develop their own meal plan and the nanny can follow it. As long as the items they want are stocked in the house any request can be met.


Consistency and Stability

Perhaps the greatest benefit to having a nanny in the home is consistency and stability. A nanny becomes a part of the household and the children get to develop in comfortable and familiar surroundings. In a daycare center there are many things that can’t be controlled. The child’s not in their own home, they don’t have the comforts of home available to them, and there’s no guarantee it will be the same person providing them care on a consistent basis.


The Comforts of Home

There really is no substitute for the comforts of home. Yes, children need to get out in the world to develop, but there’s plenty of time for that when they start school. Small children need intimacy and familiarity. A nanny is the better option for parents returning to work than daycare because of the flexible and intimate care they can offer.