Google Invests 1-Billion in New York City

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Today Google announced they are investing 1-billion dollars for a new facility in New York state. This comes on the heels of an announcement made by Apple, that were also investing billions of dollars to create new facilities around the country.

The pair aren’t direct competitors. Most of Apples money is made through their devices, while Google has some some devices, they are most prevalent for their search engine.

Google’s Cheif Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Ruth Porat, wrote on Google News today that this investment was a long time coming.

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“When we came to New York City almost two decades ago, it was our first office outside of California. It’s now home to more than 7,000 employees, speaking 50 languages, working on a broad range of teams including Search, Ads, Maps, YouTube, Cloud, Technical Infrastructure, Sales, Partnerships and Research.”

Google’s corporate social responsibility is very high. Porat says investing in communities that allow them to be succesful is very important to the succes of Google.

We believe that as our company grows, we have a responsibility to support the communities we call home. That means supporting the infrastructure and services that make our neighborhoods unique places to work, live and play,” Porat wrote. “Since 2011, Google has contributed more than $150 million in grants and employee-matched giving to New York nonprofit institutions. We’ve been ardent supporters of iconic neighborhood public resources such as the High Line and Hudson River Park, and partnered with the New York City Public Library System to provide free Wi-Fi hotspots to public school students and families without home internet access.”

With 7,000 employees working for Google in New York City right now, Porat beleives they can double the amount of workers in the coming years. That means more than 14,000 Googlers will call New York City home.