Google is Building an AI That Could Write Code, That’ll Decrease The Need for Developers

Google - Breithaupt Street, Kitchener via Unsplash
Google - Breithaupt Street, Kitchener via Unsplash

Google is working on a secretive project relying on machine learning to write code, fix, and update computer programs.

This project is part of a bigger move by Google into so-called generative artificial intelligence, which harnesses algorithms to create images, videos, code, and more. It could have dramatic implications for the company’s future and developers who write code.

The project, which took its babysteps life inside Alphabet’s X research unit and was codenamed Pitchfork, moved into Google’s Labs group this summer, according to people familiar with the matter. By moving into Google, it represented an increased importance to leaders. Google Labs pursues long-term bets, including projects in virtual and augmented reality.

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Pitchfork is now part of a new group at Labs named the AI Developer Assistance team run by Olivia Hatalsky, a long-term X employee who worked on Google Glass and several other moonshot projects. Hatalsky, who ran Pitchfork at X, moved to Labs when it migrated this past summer.