GOP, Dems trade blows over coronavirus stimulus package details


Democrats don’t see matters this way, though. In fact, Democrats believe the GOP is doing harm to Americans by pushing for $200 per week as opposed to $600 figure, which is triple the GOP figure. On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted Republicans during an interview with Face The Nation.

Per the speaker of the House, Republicans are “in disarray” and causing families across the nation to suffer. Pelosi then claimed that Republican lawmakers are not working with Democrats in the ways they previously agreed to.

Finally, the House Speaker stated that Democrats’ legislative proposals will benefit various workers across varying sectors. Pelosi cited these workers as teachers, transportation providers, and healthcare employees.

A safe economic re-engagement

Republicans have largely supported a safe reopening of various economic sectors. Fiscal conservatives especially believe that getting Americans back to work and back in business is a preferable method of economic stimulation over increased government payments.