GOP Governors of Florida, Georgia Push Back on Trump’s COVID Claims


When the Republican governor moved to lift temporary restrictions on businesses and other facilities across the state, then-President Trump alleged to “strongly disagree” with the decision.

The statements from both Republicans arrive after Trump spoke in South Dakota and blasted various governors for supposedly locking down their states amid COVID.

Even on “X,” which was previously regarded as Twitter, the Community Notes back up Kemp and DeSantis.

Pointed out in these Community Notes is Trump’s initial implementation of federal orders for Americans to abstain from public gatherings. Then, there’s also Trump’s documented praise of Fauci’s work on Operation Warp Speed that Community Notes cites.

A common enemy in Trump

Trump made enemies of both Kemp and DeSantis for different reasons. In the aftermath of the former president losing Georgia in 2020, he chastised Kemp for refusing to illegally interfere with the state’s electoral outcome.

Later, Trump talked former Georgia Sen. David Perdue into primarying Kemp when the latter pursued reelection. However, Kemp went on to defeat Perdue in the primary before thereafter securing a second gubernatorial term.