GOP Leader Chimes in on Calls to Defund the Police


Significant factions of the political left are actively calling to defund the police. These calls maintain in spite of how much law enforcement contributes to society as we know it. Without police officers, many individuals would face unspeakable suffering and loss of life.

Individuals who favor defunding the police have a very dark outlook on law enforcement. Black Lives Matter and other groups maintain that police officers are “systemically” racist; the narrative also asserts that law enforcement members terrorize people of color at high rates. Of course, the data regarding policing in the United States does not back the aforementioned narrative.

Earlier today, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy participated in an interview with Fox & Friends. During this time, the Republican leader weighed in with his thoughts about the defund the police movement. In doing so, McCarthy also let Americans know why he doesn’t believe Democrats collectively view this movement as too radical.

Leader McCarthy on Calls to Defund the Police

During his talks with Fox & Friends, the California Republican noted Democrats’ pattern of embracing radical policies; this embrace has often followed after previous left-wing denouncements of certain things going too far.