OPINION: We Were All Lied to About Coronavirus


For months now, health officials have misled Americans about coronavirus. In late March and early April, so-called experts declared that shutting down the nation constituted a necessary measure to halt COVID-19 transmission.

Later in April and in May, Americans faced continuous orders to shelter in place, social distance, and wear face masks. All of this was based on the premise that asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus could unknowingly spread the virus to others.

New information from the World Health Organization (WHO) has determined the falsity of this premise. As a matter of fact, the asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 is “very rare,” per Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove.

The Greatest Scam of All Time

The worst part of coronavirus is not merely tanking the economy or putting over 40 million Americans out of work. As a matter of fact, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Make no mistake: the manner in which so many people — including health officials themselves — responded to those with the audacity to question narratives surrounding COVID-19 is a disgrace. People had police officers sicced on them simply for walking in the park. Others were shamed for daring to leave home, not wanting to wear a face mask, or failing to properly “social distance.”

Each and every one of the aforementioned measures was rooted in a false narrative. When people previously questioned this narrative, those who blindly believe experts without question claimed that questioners were “grandma killers” or “selfish.”

Here is the inescapable reality: each and every one of us was fed lies about the coronavirus. Some people believed the lies, whereas others did not. How many businesses and jobs shuttered permanently due to shutdown orders? How many surges in domestic violence occurred because of shelter-in-place directives? All of this turned out to be for absolutely nothing.

Preliminary evidence claiming the rampancy of asymptomatic coronavirus transmission was false. Now, millions of Americans have paid the price for the wrong information of health experts. All of this goes to show why believing “the experts” without question is dangerous and foolish. No one is infallible. No one is perfect, and believe it or not, everyone is capable of corruption.

Much of the harm engendered by pointless shutdowns and other overreactions to COVID-19 is impossible to erase or undo. The “experts” responsible for putting out wrong information ought to be ashamed of themselves.