GOP Renews Fight to Pull Funds from Sanctuary Cities


Various conservative groups and groups centered around enforcing legal immigration are supportive of the GOP’s new legislation. Groups such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) regularly speak out against sanctuary cities and the subsequent risks which they pose.

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Should Republicans Expect Pushback?

The newly introduced legislation is guaranteed to face resistance from Democrats. The Democrat Party is extremely supportive of sanctuary cities and furthermore views them as rightful safe havens for individuals who enter America illegally. Those on the left-wing tend to focus more on the reasons which prompt unlawful entry, as opposed to the actual breach of immigration laws.

GOP House members should expect a challenge from their Democrat counterparts.

Immigration Under the Trump Administration

Since President Trump’s time in office, immigration has served as a major policy issue. The president maintains that illegal immigration is problematic to America, hence his construction of a wall at the Southern border. This is something which Democrats have repeatedly attempting to fight Trump on.