GOP Renews Fight to Pull Funds from Sanctuary Cities


Republicans and conservatives have taken issue with sanctuary cities for quite some time.

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As sanctuary cities affirmed their unwillingness to follow immigration laws, the right-wing pushed to yank back government funding. However, the courts halted this movement shortly after its inception.

The GOP isn’t giving up though. Earlier today, Americans learned that Republicans renewed the fight to pull funding from sanctuary cities.

New Legislation to Remove Sanctuary City Funding

House GOP members submitted a bill which would eliminate specific grants to sanctuary cities which fail to comply with the immigration laws. Many sanctuary cities fall into this category, seeing as leaders have come out and flagrantly announced their refusal to enable the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Rep. Lance Gooden shared additional details about the bill during talks with Fox News.

In Gooden’s own words:

“We’re not targeting terrorism preparedness, drug enforcement or other DHS grants unrelated to immigration. This is in no way going to disrupt law enforcement practices that are ongoing as respect to those grants.”