GOP Rips Biden Over Plan to Have IRS Watch Private Bank Accounts


President Biden’s so-called Build Back Better agenda is running into one challenge after the other. For starters, Democrats in the House and Senate can’t even reach an agreement on the legislation.

For weeks, left-wing lawmakers have gathered in Congress, convening and debating over the bill. Vice President Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are publicly expressing confidence a deal is on the horizon; however, this deal has yet to materialize.

Quite frankly, the Build Back Better agenda is a disaster. If Democrats are ultimately unsuccessful in reaching an agreement on this legislation, America will be better off for it.

Biden’s agenda will run up taxes, heighten the national debt, along with causing many other problems. However, one of the most disturbing parts of this agenda is the power Biden’s agenda would give the IRS to watch Americans’ private bank accounts.

This is something Republicans are repeatedly hammering the president over.

The GOP on the possibility of the IRS observing people’s private bank accounts

This week, Republican lawmakers spoke publicly about how Biden’s agenda would weaponize the IRS against average Americans.