Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: Michiganders “Safer at Home” Until COVID-19 Vaccine


Despite protests from Michiganders who continue to lose their jobs, businesses, livelihoods, and economic security, Whitmer remains determined to persist on her current path. Therefore, Whitmer is facing lawsuits from not just everyday Michiganders, but also state leaders with serious concerns about her leadership.

However, it appears as though the Michigan governor plans to keep dragging out this lockdown for as long as she can.

In Whitmer’s own words:

“Until we have a vaccine or we can do more to keep people safe, we’re safer at home.”

While there is talk about a vaccination for COVID-19, experts predict that such a vaccine won’t become available for another 12-18 months. Of course, this is assuming that there is a vaccine to be had for coronavirus; at this point, no promises of such a vaccination exist.

The Michigan Safe Start Plan

Earlier this month, the Michigan governor announced a six-phase plan to begin reopening the state. However, just like earlier today, Whitmer stated that the final “post-pandemic” phase will not arrive without the presence of a vaccination. At this point, it is all but guaranteed that no vaccine for coronavirus will arrive before 2021, if at all.