Gov. Jerry Brown Inks AB 314 to Update the Dating Service Contract Act

Governor Jerry BrownAB 314 to Update the Dating Service Contract Act
Image source: Gov. Jerry Brown/Flickr

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a legislation that would update the state’s Dating Service Contract Act on Sunday.

The newly-enacted AB 314 will amend several provisions of the Dating Service Contract Act. It will cover online dating services such as and E-harmony.  Assemblyman Kevin Mullin of South San Francisco introduced the legislation.

Under the amended law, a customer has the right to cancel a dating service by midnight of the third business day after a day of purchasing the service. The customer has the option to cancel the service via mail, telegram, or delivery. The cancellation is effective on the date the customer mailed the notice with proper address and postage.

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In the case of online dating service, a customer may cancel via e-mail. Dating service providers must provide customers access to the electronic copies of their contracts.

Additionally, dating service providers must issue a full refund to customers within ten days of receipt of the cancellation notice.

Furthermore, a customer may be relieved of payments for a dating service if he/she dies or become disabled.

The Internet Association and support the amendments in the Dating Service Contract Act. However, a group of district attorneys are against AB 314. They argued that it reduces consumer protections for online dating customers.

California AGs oppose amendments to Dating Service Contract Act

In a previous statement, Santa Cruz County Assistant District Attorney Douglas Allen said online customers need more protections not less. He also stated that AB 314 does not modernize the Dating Service Contract Law.

On the other hand, Napa County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Collins said, he recognize the issues confronting companies in applying the existing law to internet dating services. However, he does not believe AB 314 is the solution.

In a statement on Sunday, Assemblyman Mullin said AB 314 is a “common sense measure.” It “simply updates the Dating Service Act to reflect the modern reality of internet dating.”