California Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Ensuring Transparency in Charter Schools

Newsom-California-Charters Schools--Transparency Bill
Credits: California Teachers Association (CTA) Twitter page

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill requiring charter schools to comply with the state’s accountability and transparency laws.

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Last week, the State Legislature passed and sent SB 126, the Charter School Accountability and Transparency Bill to the Newsom’s desk for final approval.

During the signing ceremony on Tuesday, the governor described SB 126 “common sense” legislation because” parents and kids deserve to know how schools use their tax dollars.”

Conversation about improving education in California is just beginning

Additionally, Newsom said, “This isn’t the end of a conversation but a beginning. Let’s use this momentum to move forward together, constructively and in partnership, to improve education for children across California.”

State Sen. Connie Leyva, co-author of the bill, commented, “For far too long, charter schools in California have been held to lower accountability and transparency standards than traditional public schools… SB 126 will ensure that all publicly funded schools—including charter schools—guarantee fair and open access to information. This measure also empowers parents to keep school leaders responsive and accountable.”