Gov. Newsom signs bills to prevent discrimination and make California more inclusive


In his signing message, Gov. Newsom explained, “Building a more representative government requires an assessment of barriers that prevent talented and qualified Californians from consideration for public service. This bill strengthens representation by allowing more Californians to be considered for public service on boards and commissions based on the merits of their application and not their current immigration status.”

AB 668—codifies the common law privilege against civil arrest when it is conducted without a judicial warrant.

AB 1645— requires California Community Colleges and California State Universities, and the University of California to designate a Dreamers Resource Liaison in campus to help undocumented and other qualifying immigrant students navigate the education system.

AB 1747— prohibits the use of noncriminal information from the state’s telecommunications database for immigration enforcement purposes, with some exceptions.

Gov. Newsom has been fighting Pres. Trump’s hateful rhetoric against immigrants

During his nine months in Office, Gov. Newsom repeatedly slammed President Donald Trump over its hateful rhetoric against immigrants and the immigration system.