Gov. Tom Wolf, Sen. Bob Casey in Good Position to Win Re-election in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey are in strong position to win re-election in November.

According to the latest NBC News/Maris poll, Wolf and Casey have double-digit advantages against their Republican competitors.

The poll showed that 54 percent of registered voters in Pennsylvania support Wolf, while 40 percent back his Republican challenger Scott Wagner, a former state senator.

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In addition, the survey indicated that 48 percent of Pennsylvania residents have a positive perception of Wolf. Thirty-eight percent have a negative opinion about the incumbent governor, while 15 percent of Pennsylvanians said they had never heard of him or were unsure how to rate him.

Wagner is less popular than Wolf. Thirty-eight percent of Pennsylvanians do not know about him or are unsure how to rate him. His favorable rating is 32 percent and his unfavorable rating is 31 percent.

In the race for the U.S. Senate, Casey enjoys a 15 percent lead against his Republican opponent, U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta.

Fifty-five percent of registered voters support the Democratic incumbent senator, while 38 percent back his GOP challenger. A majority of Pennsylvanians (44 percent) have a positive opinion of Casey and 31 percent have negative impression of him. Twenty-five percent of Pennsylvanians do not know him or are unsure how to rate him.

On the other hand, 27 percent of Pennsylvanians have a favorable opinion of Barletta, and 22 percent have an unfavorable perception of him. More than half (51 percent) do not know him or are unsure how to rate him.

In both the governor and Senate races, almost nine out of 10 registered voters are committed to supporting their chosen candidate.

In Pennsylvania, 55 percent of voters stated that their vote in the midterm election will send a message that Congress needs more Democrats to check and balance the power of President Donald Trump. Thirty-five percent said Congress needs more Republicans to advance the president’s agenda.