Gov. Wolf signs Right to Try legislation for terminally ill patients

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf implement measures to manage budget

Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill that gives hope to terminally ill patients. His action will give them opportunity to seek new treatment to prolong their lives.

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania governor approved House Bill 45. State Representative Bob Godshall introduced the legislation. State Senator Chuck McIlhinney sponsored the bill in the Senate. The State Legislature passed the bill unanimously.

In a statement, Gov. Wolf said, “I have supported and will continue to support legislation that gives patients power in their health care decisions. Having the chance to try all options can offer hope and better quality of life for many.”

Godshall’s reason for introducing the “Right to Try” bill

Pennsylvania State Rep. Robert Godshall
Pennsylvania State Rep. Robert Godshall introduced the Right to Try Bill

Twelve years ago, Godshall was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a deadly form of blood cancer. His doctors said he had one year to live and a bone marrow transplant might extend his life.