Government Shutdown Breaks Record, Becomes Longest in U.S. History


Earlier today, President Donald Trump urged Democrats to come work with him and end the government shutdown. The shutdown reached its 22-day milestone, thus setting a new record as the longest government shutdown in American history.

The Longest Government Shutdown in American History

The government shutdown went into effect on December 21, 2018. Both the president and Democrat leaders failed to reach a resolution on legislation to keep government open. President Trump maintained that Democrats needed to present a bill which contained funding for his promised border wall. However, Democratic leaders refused, slamming the wall as unnecessary and expensive.

Since the shutdown, President Trump and leaders Schumer and Pelosi have gone back and forth with one another. Each side blames the other; as the shutdown continues to linger on, there is still no apparent end in sight. Both the president and the Democrats are standing by their original positions regarding the wall.

Earlier today, President Trump stated that Democratic leaders have the power to end the government shutdown “in 15 minutes.” The president moreover declared that the Southern border issues constitute as a humanitarian crisis.

Impacts of the Government Shutdown

The longer the government shutdown lingers on, the more disastrous the impacts will be. Federal workers are already expressing their displeasure as they remain forced to continue working without the promise of a paycheck. Some of them have even brought a lawsuit against the Trump administration.

Additional reports state that federal workers are facing serious financial hardships as a result of going without compensation for their services. Some workers have quit their jobs. Other Americans are concerned that the quality of service provided by federal workers will suffer if they remain forced to work without pay. Protests are already beginning. All in all, federal workers are not happy campers at this point in time.

Throughout the government shutdown, President Trump has maintained his determination to build a barrier along the Southern border. This barrier exists to halt illegal immigration and ensure the safety of the American people. Meanwhile, House Democrats have continued to put forth legislation which lacks wall funding and will, therefore, fail to make it through the Senate and gain a presidential signature.