Greg Abbott Wins Texas Republican Primary, Will Face Beto O’Rourke in General Election


O’Rourke won the gubernatorial primary with over 91% in-party support. However, O’Rourke’s track record in Texas general elections is not all that great. Back in 2018, for instance, he lost the Texas senatorial election to Ted Cruz.

Since Abbott and O’Rourke won their party’s respective primary elections, they will face off against each other in the general election. Thus far, every single Texas poll shows the incumbent governor leading his Democrat opponent.

In the race for the Texas attorney general, things are a bit more nuanced. Incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton is now entering into a runoff against GOP challenger George P. Bush.

On the Democratic side for Texas attorney general, Rochelle Garza easily beat back her competitors.

What to expect going forward

The Texas governor’s race is going to remain front and center.

Abbott has consistently maintained confidence in his ability to defeat O’Rourke and win a third term as the Texas governor.

Meanwhile, O’Rourke (amid several polls that don’t look so good for him) appears to be trying to rebrand a bit. Weeks ago, the Texas Democrat called himself a defender of the Second Amendment, despite his ongoing attacks against constitutional carry and gun ownership.