Russia-based Conti ransomware gang source code leaked in Ukraine hack attack


A Ukraine-based hacker recently “outed” the Conti ransomware gang. Thousands of chat messages were leaked, and the malware’s source code was published as reported by BleepingComputer.

The attack on the hacker gang was launched after they announced on the dark web that they were siding with Russia. And gave a specific warning to leave the country’s digital structure alone or suffer consequences. 

This was confirmation of Conti’s long suspected Russian ties. But even hacker gangs are decentralized these days. And apparently, there were several Conti affiliates of Ukrainian origin, as well. So, Conti was suffering from outside attacks and internal conflict.

Conti was forced to quickly change its stance with a declaration of “neutrality”. But the hack attacks continued.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine isn’t going well for anyone. And with mounting civilian casualties and heavy sanctions the world is paying attention. Various international organizations and common infrastructure is being impacted.