Bump Stock Ban Triggers Lawsuit against Florida


The lawyers representing the plaintiffs argued that Florida Constitution prohibits the state from taking private property “except for a public person and with full compensation paid to each owner.”

In their argument, the lawyers emphasized that the new gun control law “constitutes a regulatory taking” because it deprives their clients of the “economically beneficial uses if their lawfully-owned properties.”

In addition, the lawyers argued that the law “is so onerous that its effect is tantamount to direct appropriation of property, and therefore, a compensable taking under the Fifth Amendment.”

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Furthermore, they pointed out that the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) classified bump stocks as “firearm part. Federal gun laws do not the device.

The plaintiffs are asking a judge in Leon County Circuit Court to certify the case as a class action. According to them, tens of thousands of Floridians owns bump stocks or similar devices. They also requested the court to order a “full compensation.”

Lawmakers in Congress support bump stock ban

Bump stock on a WASR-10 variant of AK-47 Image Credit: Wikipedia