Harris Disappears Amid Afghanistan Fallout


President Biden is facing bipartisan backlash for the means in which he withdrew American troops from Afghanistan. The president claimed that Afghanistan must learn to fight for itself; however, the means in which Biden pulled out has left Americans stranded there.

Thanks to the 46th president’s botched pullout, the Taliban is now on the rise again. They’ve already taken over Kabul. Reports of Taliban members executing individuals with Bibles on their phones and abducting young girls to be child brides are also present.

Republicans and Democrats alike are calling out Biden. Even CNN, which is far from a conservative outlet, is declining to rush to the president’s defense on the Afghanistan situation. Amid the fallout, however, Vice President Kamala Harris has disappeared from the public eye.

No word from the vice president

Since the crisis in Afghanistan, Americans haven’t really seen or heard anything from the vice president. Harris’ VP Twitter account has some tweets that a staffer likely posted; however, the vice president hasn’t given any interviews or otherwise appeared before the public eye.