Federal Transportation Mask Mandate Extended into 2022


Face mask mandates are a huge issue of contention here in America. In real time, nationwide debates about the pros and cons of mandatory masking for kids in schools are happening.

Most conservatives maintain that parents should ultimately choose if their kids mask up or not. Meanwhile, most leftists believe in widespread mandatory masking in schools, no matter what parents think. Mandatory masking in schools has already led to several confrontations (some physical) between parents and school staffers.

Amid these debates, Americans recently learned about the extension of the federal transportation mask mandate.

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Mandatory masking into 2022

This week, the announcement of the mandate’s extension into 2022 arrived. Previously, the current federal transportation mask mandate would have expired on September 13, 2021. However, the newest extension now carries this requirement through January 18, 2022.

Of course, the reasoning for the mask mandate extension ultimately boils down to COVID. Right now, there are reports of surging cases; health officials are thereby stating that the Delta variant is the ultimate cause for new coronavirus infections. Apparently, the Delta variant is more contagious than the original coronavirus.

Ahead of this news’ public announcement, TSA and the CDC spoke with airlines during a conference call. As matters currently stand, its appears as if this mandate won’t end anytime soon. In fact, Americans should not be surprised if yet another extension of the federal transportation mask mandate occurs before January 18, 2022.

Public exasperation with COVID mandates

As 2021 comes to its approaching end, there is a growing exasperation with COVID mandates altogether. At this time, many Americans are of the view that individuals should make their own choices regarding masking, vaccines, etc.

Other people have worries about the slippery slope of government control. Right now, individuals on the left are pushing for more mandates; cities like New York, Los Angeles, etc. are already decreeing that only individuals who show proof of COVID vaccination may enter indoor areas.

However, COVID mandates are not without a certain irony. The harder they are pushed, the more resistance follows as a result. A fair amount of people resent feeling as though they’re facing coercion or bullying into doing something; this resentment heightens when the issue at hand regards medical decisions.