Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupting in Volcanoes National Park


The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory confirmed that the Kilauea volcano is erupting on the big island. Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park.

The last activity here was in May. But now Kilauea is visibly erupting at its summit. Scientists have observed flashes of fiery lava erupting as high as 100 feet. And the floor of Halemaumau Crater is a collection point for the lava.

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientist-in-charge, Ken Hon reported the eruption started on Wednesday afternoon. And it has escalated from a “watch” to a “warning”. Hon said the eruption had a “very rapid onset.”

 Currently, there is no threat to any buildings or nearby communities. The eruption is expected to stay within the National Park. And all the lava is confined within the volcano crater.

However, officials said that volcanic gas and heavy emissions could become a concern. The eruption is sending a steady stream of thick debris up into the air. Officials also warned of the possibility of rocks and tephra being blasted from the crater. And  “Pele’s hair,” tiny strands of fiberglass are emitted into the atmosphere.