Heffernan v. Bilzerian et al. lawsuit set to kick off on December 2021

Dan Bilzerian - ZUFFA LLC

A recent Tom Nash exposé on Ignite International Brands CEO Dan Bilzerian’s ongoing lawsuit against former Ignite president Curtis Heffernan reveals a court date has been set for December 7, 2021. It will be a jury trial.

Things are finally set to come to a head after Heffernan filed the lawsuit earlier this year over the Summer. In the suit, Heffernan alleges that Bilzerian pushed him out of Ignite after he began questioning his spending habits that seemingly ended up on the company’s tab.

After news of the lawsuit, other details began to emerge such as Bilzerian’s lifestyle is largely “rented”, even his $200,000 a month ritzy home in the Los Angeles Hills was being put on the company card.

According to Heffernan, the private planes, yachts, and lavish dinners with supermodels were funded by the company, adding insult to injury when Ignite was $50 million in the red last year. The accusations led to Bilzerian vehemently denying the claims on TMZ.

While not officially proven, other anonymous employees have confirmed this to be the case. In May 2020, the issues first appeared, signaling a wave of setbacks for Ignite going into 2020.