Here Is The New High-Tech Forecasting App That Delta, JetBlue Are Using For Weather Prediction

Airplane - Unsplash
Airplane - Unsplash

With climate disasters surging, preparation is becoming more crucial to protect lives. One high-tech forecasting firm is now stepping up, offering hyper-detailed weather prediction and pre-storm strategy plans to a city block.

Boston-based already boasts clients like Delta, Ford, JetBlue, Meta, Raytheon, Uber, United Airlines, and the U.S. Air Force.

When the remnants of hurricane Ida blew into New Jersey almost a year ago, the state was unprepared. 

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“It rained four inches in one hour during Ida, and we had a total of six and a half inches of rain, in one storm event, which is really unprecedented,” said Caleb Stratton, chief resilience officer for the city of Hoboken, New Jersey.

But to optimize the system, city officials need to know what’s coming. So just after Ida, they began working with

“They are able to provide insights on when a storm event’s going to occur — at what intensity, for how long — and they can do really block by block forecasts,” said Stratton.

The firm collaborates with its clients well before they start forecasting to show them precisely how future weather will affect everything from operations to supply chains to staffing.