High-profile attorney represents tech exec accused of murdering CashApp founder


Tech executive Nima Momeni, 38, facing charges of murder in the death of Cash App founder Bob Lee made an appearance in San Francisco on Tuesday. He was accompanied by his high-profile attorney Paula Canny.

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When he was escorted by police into the courtroom for his arraignment hearing and the reading of the coroner’s report the suspect was relaxed and smiling.

Momeni is accused of stabbing the unarmed Lee, 43, multiple times with a kitchen knife. The murder took place in the early morning hours of April 4.

The accused killer’s arraignment was pushed back for the third time. His attorney Paula Canny told the judge she needs more time to prepare. And that the mixture of drugs and alcohol revealed in the victim’s autopsy makes a big difference to the defense.

The hearing was postponed until May 18. And Momeni is preparing to plead not guilty.

High-profile attorney 

Police claim that the surveillance footage near the west edge of the San Francisco Bay Bridge shows the events. The images are dark but they appear to reveal Momeni stabbing Lee in his BMW after driving him to the secluded part of town.