High-Tech Tools: AI and Drones Revolutionize Shark Attack Prevention and Conservation Efforts


Embracing advanced technology, coastal areas are employing high-tech tools such as drones and artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the safety of both humans and sharks.

As summer arrives and beachgoers flock to the shores, coastal communities are faced with an increasing challenge: protecting swimmers from the rising number of shark sightings and attacks.

With memories of iconic movie scenes lurking in the back of their minds, marine scientists partnering with the locals are taking proactive measures to detect and monitor sharks before they pose a threat. 

Shark Attack Statistics for 2022

In 2022, there were a total of 91 publicly reported and verified shark attack bites, including 9 fatal attacks. Among these, the United States accounted for 51 shark attack bites, with Florida leading at 25 attacks, followed by Hawaii with 6, California with 4, New York with 6, and South Carolina with 5.

While shark attacks are rare, they seem to be more common than in the past. And understanding shark behavior aids in implementing preventative measures that are designed to keep everyone safe.

Utilizing High-tech tools

Recognizing the importance of protecting both humans and sharks, various organizations have turned to technology to enhance their efforts.