Higher Food Costs Leave Thanksgiving Shoppers in a Bind


In some cases, this means purchasing fresh cranberries, instead of cranberries in cans. Swapping out russet potatoes for sweet potatoes and asking guests coming over for Thanksgiving to bring dishes of their own are proving to be necessary alternatives, too.

Interestingly enough, turkey prices have not seen major upticks in costs. However, Americans who purchase turkeys sooner rather than later can still potentially save money.

A bellwether for the greater holiday season?

Everyone should prepare for inflation and higher costs to persist after Thanksgiving and during the Christmas holiday.

Foods commonly purchased for Christmas dinners will likely be on the more expensive side. The same can also be said for Christmas trees, ornaments, stockings, and different presents.

However, some great ways to save money despite inflation and costlier prices include the following:

  • Using coupons
  • Comparing prices at different stores
  • Purchasing goods during off seasons (when possible)
  • Investing in gift cards rather than expensive presents
  • Taking advantage of Black Friday sales