Homelessness Reaches Alarming Heights in Los Angeles


Homelessness in the city of Los Angeles, California is rapidly becoming an increasingly perilous problem. People are sleeping on the streets and inside of tents which are parked anywhere. Individuals without homes are often forced to dumpster dive and otherwise employ desperate measures in order to eat and survive.

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As the situation worsens, residents of Los Angeles are calling upon their elected officials to enact change. These calls come amidst concerns of the health implications of human waste and other excrements littering the streets of Los Angeles. At this point, if and when officials decide to act, they will certainly have their work cut out for them.

What’s Causing the Homeless Crisis in Los Angeles?

Conservatives who have observed the situation in Los Angeles view leftist policies and improper management as the catalysts which prompted the current situation. Furthermore, residents in the area note that officials are enabling the problem by failing to take action; their arguments go on to state that bemoaning the tragedies of homelessness while doing nothing to solve them is counterproductive.