Homemade drone hits Russian Naval Headquarters 

This satellite image provided by Maxar Technologies shows cruiser Moskva in port Sevastopol in Crimea on April 7, 2022. (Satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies via AP)

On Sunday, a miniature explosive device attached to an improvised drone hit Sunday at the Russian headquarters of its Black Sea Fleet. The homemade drone explosion was timed to interrupt ceremonies honoring Russia’s Navy Day.

The blast took place in the port city of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula. The city of Sevastopol has been occupied by Russia since 2014 when it was seized from Ukraine.

The city is about 100 miles south of Ukraine’s mainland. And Russian forces occupy most of the area along the Black Sea coastline.

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A homemade drone appears out of nowhere

Authorities with the Black Sea Fleet’s press service said the drone appeared to be modified to explode. It described the device as “low-power.” And said that no one had claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Sevastopol Mayor Mikhail Razvozhaev announced that six people were wounded but no one had died in the explosion.

No one was able to track the location where the drone originated. And speculation is that this was the work of Ukrainian insurgents rebelling against Russian forces.

Russian/Crimean authorities raised the terrorism threat level to “yellow.”  And this is ranked as the second highest.

Russian lawmaker Olga Kovitidi of Crimea, told Russian state news agency RIA-Novosti that an investigation will continue till more is revealed.

A Ukraine navy adviser to President Zelenskyy said the homemade drone attack is highlighting the weaknesses of the Russian air defenses.

“Did the occupiers admit the helplessness of their air defense system? Or their helplessness in front of the Crimean partisans?” Oleksiy Arestovich reported to Telegram.