Hong Kong postpones September election, citing coronavirus


“Incumbent pro-democracy legislators, who represent 60% of the public’s opinion, collectively oppose the postponement and emphasize the responsibility of the SAR government to make every effort to arrange adequate anti-epidemic measures to hold elections in September as scheduled.”

SAR is an abbreviation for the territory’s official name, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Lam’s postponement of the September elections has only increased tensions between Beijing and pro-democratic opponents, who have decried Beijing’s implementation of a controversial national security law in late June where violators can be barred from running.

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As a matter of fact, 12 pro-democracy candidates were barred from running in the upcoming election for not pledging allegiance to the local government and complying with the mini constitution.

Joshua Wong, a well-known pro-democracy activist was one of the 12 barred from running.

“Beyond any doubt, this is the most scandalous election ever in Hong Kong history … I wish to emphasize that no reasonable man would think that this election ban is not politically driven,” Wong said in a Friday press conference.