House, Senate Democrats Distance Themselves From Biden


The fallout from Afghanistan continues to reflect poorly on the Biden administration. Thanks to Biden’s amateur pullout, 13 servicemembers lost their lives. Many of their families are grieving and one mom of a recently deceased Marine blasted President Biden.

To say that this isn’t good would be the understatement of the year. Many Americans believe that what’s happening with Biden’s latest foreign policy blunder will ultimately backfire on Democrats collectively.

This explains why some Democrats in the House and Senate are now distancing themselves from President Biden; however, the damage is here.

Democrats running for the hills

Biden is immersed in controversy amid the loss of servicemembers’ lives and the lives of U.S. citizens and allies hanging in the balance in Afghanistan. Biden’s administration has already gone on record, admitting they can’t guarantee the safe removal of all citizens and allies.

It also doesn’t help Biden’s case that his administration gave the Taliban a list of names to let through for evacuation purposes. This president has more tolerance for the Taliban than he does unvaccinated Americans and Republican governors.