U.S. Servicemembers Come Out Against Mandatory COVID Vaccines


Earlier this month, the U.S. Pentagon came out with a COVID vaccine mandate for American servicemembers. This mandate instructs servicemembers to receive the COVID vaccine and threatens those who refuse with dishonorable discharge and/or other penalties.

President Biden is a strong proponent of forced masking and forced vaccination. Biden hasn’t once given any thought as to why some Americans might not want the COVID vaccine; however, members of the Armed Forces certainly have.

Amid this new mandate from the Pentagon, more servicemembers are speaking out against it. Ultimately, this COVID vaccine mandate could have very real and adverse impacts on the U.S. military.

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U.S. servicemembers on the COVID vaccine mandate

The COVID vaccine mandate does not sit well with many members of the United States Armed Forces. Some military members are presently seeking exemptions to opt out of the mandate. Others have declared they will not accept the COVID vaccine, even if it means they have to leave the military.